Tally On Cloud

What is Tally On Cloud ?

Tally On Cloud is a Cloud Based Tally Service in that Allows the User to Run Tally Software on Cloud Server. The User Can operate the Tally Anytime, Anyplace & from Any PC or Device. It Reduces the Tally Software Cost By half, it also allows more than 100+ User to work on the same network at Very Less Price.

On Cloud Your Tally Data Is Secured with Strong Firewall Protection and Latest Antivirus. On Tally Cloud Your Data is Centralized which Increases your Productivity.

Tally On Cloud

In the past, you had to buy individual licenses for each branch you own which makes it very heavy on the pocket as well as it still wouldn't help you with data security as well as Data-Centralization.

With the introduction of our Tally cloud Services, businesses are able to keep their Data Centralized and Secure on cloud without having to bear heavy costs for licensing. Through the Tally On Cloud Solution, Head-offices are always in sync with their branches, Data is protected by malware/virus attacks along with increased accessibility of employees to complete tasks assigned to them on time even while sitting at Starbucks for coffee!

Normally you can use a Single user Tally license only on one desktop or laptop. Similarly a Multi user Tally license works on a particular LAN network. On Multi-User Tally License more than 100+ User can Access the Tally.

The founding members of any organisation can also keep a check on the most important aspect even when they are busy travelling abroad.


How Does Tally On Cloud Works ?

The following example will give you a brief idea of how Tally On Cloud increases work efficiency and at the same time, helps you cut down on operating costs.Tally On Cloud Operation

Before Tally on Cloud

Organisation A has its head office based in Delhi and being in the retail business, has 4 branches spread across 4 states - Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata & Jaipur. The organisation has bought 4 different Tally multi-user licenses -- one for each store the organisation has.

The head office shares and receives information from its branches through mail which does not update real time data. In case of any alterations that need to be done, work needs to stop at the branch level to give time to the head-office to alter the data and mail it back to the particular branch.

Also, the same procedure follows in case any founding member or even if a sales person on a visit needs to check anything from the Data. Emailing Important financial data invites viruses and malware attacks. Backups are manually taken often inviting human error.

In case of any electronic failure, all unsaved work Overall creating a very confusing and unbalanced atmosphere among the structure. Any expansion in the future increases licensing costs yet again. Organisation gets dependent on each employee working just perfectly and also feels the need to maintain IT personnel pro-actively helping out with data

After Tally on Cloud

The organisation maintains only one license of cloud. All 4 branches can operate on the Same tally license. No additional tally licenses required for expansion of any branches.

All Data is Secured with Powerful Encryption which ensures the Data Privacy. It can be Acce-

ssed From Anywhere, Anytime through Any device which increases the Productivity throughout the organisation. Data is synced in Real time which saves your work and there is No fear of losing the data even if your local systems shuts down.

All unfinished work can be Monitored quickly by the head office making sure the branches finish the task assigned on time. All invoices, bank statements, vouchers, export sheets, etc. can be saved on cloud to enable data centraliza

tion and to prevent loss of any unsaved data.

Data is backed up everyday automatically and the cloud computing company is able to restore any data deleted through any error. We guarantee firewalls, anti-viruses, anti-malware software to ensure data security. A 24/7 support team which can be contacted easily in case of any query regarding even the smallest of issues on cloud.

No need of hiring and maintaining IT personnel in any of the branches or even the head office as it is all taken care of. Cloud almost saving 50% of the cost normally incurred in a 5 year graph.

You don't even have to purchase a high end PC or Device to run the tally, as all the work will be operated on the Cloud which will save your Operating expenses.

Why to Choose Tally On Cloud ?


Tally Approved

A complete legal solution & authenticated. Tested & approved by Tally Cloud Hub & works without any Microsoft licenses. Install your choice of Tally ERP9 Version. Upgrade to your choice of Tally ERP9 Version in future.


We are ready to extend our boundaries for your customized needs and enable our customers with all the requirements they need.


The solution is available at an exceptionally reasonable and affordable cost and fits any business that envisions growth through transparency and efficiency.


With Automatic Backup mechanism Now Retrieve your Data on your local backup device at a particular time.

Access From Anywhere

Our data centers are completely secure and protected. Access from Office, Branch and Home, free of any kind of tensions.

Access Anytime

With 99.99 percent uptime, access our services anytime, anywhere!

Any Device

Access from Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS devices, anytime, anywhere! It is available through secured RDP protocol with standard Remote Desktop Client.

Multi User Access

Account data on cloud could be accessed by multiple users in real-time bases.

If you Want to Know more about the Tally on Cloud Service Then please Visit the Contact Page and Fill the Form.


No, Tally Cloud is dedicated to only tally functioning, It cannot store other files which are not related to the tally. It is capable of storing all the files related to the tally.

Sure shot, all the printers of any company can be supported through your tally account. 100% printers available in the market can work effectively connected with your Tally. Barcode scanners are not directly connected but can be connected to run along with your tally.

Your tally data is utmost secured with our server as we assure that your tally account is accessible to only the authorised users. We ourselves do not disturb your tally data without your consent. We first sign an NDA with our respected customers and then browse through their tally data by their permission.

We ensure that your tally data is secured from all the malicious activities like cyber attacks, viruses done by hackers. Using specific safeguarding softwares for your Tally data, we guarantee that your valuable data is safe with us.

With the cloud feature in Tally on cloud, you can restrict any number of users according to your wish. The Group management Addon in the Tally on cloud can be used to achieve this.

TallycloudHub offers you unlimited storage space with the CPU/RAM resources proficiently managed by the Tally on cloud.

Yes, you can backup and copy your data easily on your PC as you get a web panel to configure your local backup devices according to your requirements. It also enables automated scheduled backup every day.

The answer is no as Tally cloud dedicated solutions, dedicated to only tally functioning, cannot store other files which are not related to Tally. It is capable of holding and storage all the tally related functions like: Tally ERP9, Tally server 9.

Yes, account data on tally cloud be accessed by multiple users in real time.

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