User-Based Cloud

tally user based
Tally User Based Cloud Service
Use Tally On Cloud
Anywhere | Anytime | Any Device
Tally User Based Cloud Service
tally user based
Use Tally On Cloud
Anywhere | Anytime | Any Device

Tally Cloud User Based Product Plans

Level 1

  • HTML5 WebAccess
  • Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
  • Local Printer Connectivity
  • Ransomeware Protected
  • Software/Hardware Firewall Protected
  • Remote Access
  • Full Technical Support
  • Scheduled Backup

Note: We do not provide Tally software or Tally License, Our Services are purely cloud based.

What is Tally User Based Cloud ?Tally User Based cloud

Tally user-based cloud is a shared platform, where you get your space on cloud in a shared server along with with the other user-based single users. you don’t get admin access and rights for any customization. you just get single-user access to login and work on your cloud tally by uploading your data.
User-Based Tally is Recommended for mostly Chartered accountant for personal use for CA pursuing students to practice and learn, for small Business, Shopkeepers, Start-ups and Entrepreneurs.


Who Should Use Tally User Based Cloud ?Tally User Based Cloud

Any individual whose work is related to Tally like Accountants, Charted Accountant or Student, even the single owners can use User-based tally to maintain their accounts, ledgers & taxes.
If you are a small company with more than 5 tally users and you don’t have any customization, restriction or integration required then tally user based is for you. If you want to know more about Tally User-Based then Contact us now.

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Remotely operated, anytime – anywhere on a centralized data system – up to 10,000 Concurrent Users instances


The use of software for accounting and data processing.


Effective technologies for data protection and Free in-built daily backup.


Public, Private and hybrid clouds solutions.


The ability to deploy in them servers based – virtual machines from a different perspective.


Free in-built MS office programs.


 Remote Printing, RDC, Anti-Virus enabled.


Public, Private and hybrid clouds solutions.


Resource consumption reports on demand.


Cisco Firewall Security.



Any SaaS product from Tallycloudhub is an opportunity to save a considerable amount of money, energy and time on using the software you need. After all, in this case, you do not need to purchase expensive Servers, equipment, Multi-User Tally Licenses, Anti-Viruses, Additional HDDs/SSDs to back up your data, MS Office Licenses and much other stuff too. To organize its operation (only computers with Internet access are needed), there is no need to acquire unnecessary burden of programs & Hardware. Also, this approach will optimize the company’s staff.

Talk to us about your software issues and worries about the technologies you are tied up with and we will make sure our specialists have a solution for it.



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