How does Tally ERP 9 Ensure Data Security?

tally on cloud

Data security is the utmost concern for all kind of businesses. Any Breach or loss of data can cost a company tons and tons of success and may even lead them to dissolve their company. Tally has been a popular choice for many businesses for their accounting and auditing purposes. Data can be stored and processed on Tally ERP9 now, giving businesses an option to store their valuable data. Though many are not sure whether their data is safe on Tally?

Due to major malicious attacks going on internet, people have become more conscious about their company’s data. They ask for the extreme measures taking care of their valuable data. Well after all our experience, we’ve ascertained Tally ERP9 to be that one reliable platform where you can store your crucial data.

Tally’s data is controlled by the application security with an option to TallyVault your data for more sophisticated encryption algorithms which assures that your data is not going to be seen or recovered without an authorized username and password. Tally ERP promotes ultimate support for your portable data to be secured and be carried portably to wherever you want.
You can set your restricted username, password or a serial number which is accessible to limited persons. You also have the option in Tally to stipulate a company for not to be accessible in educational mode. You can make a particular serial number to be stipulated for the sets of TDLs. This relieves you from getting imposed by TDL controls just by disabling TDLs in the Tally.ini file.

tally on cloud

The sender and receiver of the information in Tally act as clients not server. Servers can be hacked but the clients cannot. The data resides in the client’s machine and not in their server. Tally ERP9 is extremely secured with its request response system. This promotes the customer to be in utmost control over access and can even choose to connect with a company for remote access even if it has remote users.

There might be some questions related to access for Tally ERP9 like How many users can access at one time? Can one user be allowed to make vouchers? And so on.

Firstly, Tally keeps everything open by default and as per your need you can lock down whatever you want to. You can also define standard sets of right and certain use of templates for particular users whom you want to grant access and whom you don’t. Your TSS identity can also have the same of control to users.

Tally being the number one accounting, auditing and operations software has become more effective with the combination of cloud technology. You can now use Tally from anywhere, at any time, using any device. To get this efficient service of Tally on Cloud, contact TallyCloudHub today.

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